Friday, May 26

Delilah - Lucy's Journey - Part 1

A fair while ago, when working through the Delilah patterns I thought "yeah... I might just make this".

After a quick brain storm with the Boss Lady/Mum, I decided why not! But it has to be different, we thought because we have no use for 2 quilts that look very similar. So, what could I do?
That's when my eyes landed on my always growing stash of Liberty.


March arrived and so did our stock of templates, and off I went...

The first section of fabrics for my Delilah - lots of 'low volume' prints and nothing too bright.
My, my, my Delilah.

You have brought me to a few firsts so I think some confessions need to me made.

1. I have never pieced a curve.

Nope...  No sir! Not one.
Curves have always scared me. I could never wrap my head around them but the Boss Lady...

She loves them!

I mean... she really LOVES them!

Delilah - Month 1 - Rising Sun Block 1
Or maybe she just loves cruel and unusual punishment like this block?!
Just an idea.

Delilah - Month 1 - Rising Sun Block 2
Curves conquered.
But wait, there's more (confessions and curves!)

2.  I don't* own an iron.

Ha. Yup!
I managed to get to a few days shy of 30 years old without owning an iron or really ironing anything, ever.

How? I just... don't... iron! Simple.

Delilah - Month 2 - Bells Beach Block 1
I take my crinkled work into the store and show it off like the well pressed and ironed blocks everybody else has. Then when my quilt top is finished, it get's a pretty quick and rough (and I mean rough) iron and a prayer, to whoever is listening, saying "hope this ends out okay"...

Because why? I just don't care for ironing!

Delilah - Month 2 - Bells Beach Block 2 (could use another iron, funnily enough!)
But all this changed. Yes! With the cruel and unusual curvey punishment and the idea that I might write a blog post or two about this journey,  I realised my scrunched up crinkled blocks just won't shine in the photography department (and I need all the help I can get there).

So I purchased an iron and I believe this is called being a grown up.

*Didn't. Photo evidence I do now and you cannot iron without Flatter!
Also... Verve 65 Platinum is too fancy a name for an iron.
3. "I worry there are too many florals".

These words have never left my mouth. Too many florals? No such thing.
Until now.

Fabric selection isn't something I usually find hard. I work through my quilts confidently putting fabrics together. I go by my gut, and don't question the outcome! I rarely project forward and worry about the final product because it all evens out in the wash (in my opinion).

AND, I don't think this only applies to me. I think this could apply to all quilters who give themselves the creative freedom to just do/be.

Just create, without question or self doubt... or fear.

Just create.

But, my Delilah journey hasn't started out like this because finding the right balance in colour and print amongst my Liberty of London stash is quite tricky at times.
I am constantly questioning the decisions and I have done the most unpicking in my sewing life.

So yes, it is challenging me!

And, I am welcoming the challenge. It feels good! I am learning slowly how important contrast can be in places, especially working within one 'design category'.
I believe it would be the same if working in only red, or only in lows.

It has made me realise my stash is too floral focused - a great lesson moving forward with Delilah, but also with my journey as a quilter.
Now I view geometics and 'blenders' in a much different light.

I just got my hands on Month 3 and I cannot wait to get started!

If you wish to shop our extensive range of Liberty, please click here
If you are interested in Delilah but missed out on the program - it will be released as a pattern for purchase towards the end of the year.

Thanks for reading and see you in a few months time for Part 2.




Thursday, March 23

You have all been asking...

To all the Amitie Addicts,

The last 6 months have been full of questions. The main one being 'where are you moving to?" and we are excited to finally announce.

After much careful thought, discussion and searching for the perfect premise (oh boy! Was there some searching. Both soul searching and on!)… we have finally found it.

Amitie Textiles will be moving to Torquay, Victoria! 

(photo credit:

18 months ago Richard and I relocated to Torquay and to regain a better work life balance, it's time for Amitie to follow. 

This has been one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made but I know deep within, this is the right move for me and my business. 

The new store will be bigger and better than anybody can imagine! Our focus is to create a space different to others - a truly inspiring space, full of warmth and character. A magical place to get lost in, but also a place to find and explore your creative self ! 

We don't have a moving date just yet but once announced, we hope you will all continue to support us as you always have!

Stay tuned for more news about this exciting adventure!!


Jen Kingwell | @amitietexiltes | @jenkingwell  | @lucycarsonkingwell | #amitietextiles |

Thursday, October 6

Aurora With Alyce Blyth

Alyce began quilting in 2011 when her husband purchased her a sewing machine after she had been reading all up about quilting for "one day". Little did he know what he had started!
When her family moved to Japan in 2012, that's when she truly became a quilter as a way of having something comforting and familiar to focus on through the changes. Once she realised that quilting combined both her love of creating and math, Alyce began designing her own quilt patterns while her blog, Blossom Heart Quilts, provided a place for her teaching background to be used to share tutorials.
During her four years in Japan, Alyce found her creative home in the quilting community, fell in love with Hello Kitty, and took Japanese fabric for granted. Now that she's back in Australia, she's excited to finally meet friends in person and get involved in the Melbourne, and wider, quilting community!

(You can find Alyce on instagram @blossomheartquilts)
Aurora is a beginner-friendly class and Alyce will guide you on your way to making a beautiful starry sampler.

Covering a range of machine piecing techniques from flying geese and half-square triangles, to triangles-in-a-square and scrappy/improv triangles, it’s the perfect opportunity to work on these skills and end up with a fabulous quilt to show for it!
In class, we will talk about fabric selection, tips and tricks to improve accuracy within your blocks, and end with discussing how to finish off your Aurora quilt.

Aurora is a 3 day workshopTuesday the 8th, 15th and 22nd of November 2016
10 am to 3 pm.
$150 per student.
This class is brilliant for beginners or anybody wanting to improve their machine sewing skills).

To book, please call the shop on (03) 9596 7225

Tuesday, August 23

This is just too exciting!

We are getting ready for some pretty amazing visitors... and we mean, AMAZING VISITORS! The kind of patchwork royalty that make quilters weak at the knees. Yup, that kind of amazing!
Get ready because this is going to be awesome.


Excited?! We thought you might be.
These are going to book fast so MOVE. MOVE. MOVE!

12 pm - 4 pm
$150 per student
Afternoon tea provided

In this class, Anna Maria will teach student's how to switch up traditional colour conventions in order to develop individual and stunning palettes.
Anna Maria will discuss colour using the colour wheel, and how to translate this colour information to printed fabrics. Demonstrating how scale and proportion can be used to create new and interesting patchwork combinations. 
This class is ideal for anyone who wants to understand how to work intuitively with colour and print.

10 am - 3 pm

$225 per student
Lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided

Using the traditional Broderie Perse quilt as inspiration, Anna Maria will guide you through building your own modern bouquet. The traditional technique uses mostly hand applique, Anna Maria will share several approaches to achieving a gorgeous result with combos of simple patchwork, a little improv and some applique on the sides. A wonderful class to break free of traditional patchwork!

Monday 21 November
6.30 pm - 9 pm
$60 per person
Refreshments provided

Designed to inform and inspire, this presentation is an autobiography about Anna Maria's path as artist and designer. A must see event including a slideshow and show-and-tell of handmade items (some that have never been shared online before)!

Friday December 2nd
10 am - 3 pm
$225 per student
Lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided.

This workshop has a strong focus on colour and composition. It also involves a small insight on needle-turn appliqué
Carolyn says she tends to enjoy projects that embrace a "more is more" type of attitude and this quilt is no exception. "I designed it to be an outlet for a variety of little bits. Each appliqué starts with just a 2 1/2″ square–so it’s quite perfect for including many of your favourite fabrics." she says.

Saturday December 3rd
10 am - 3 pm
$225 per student
Lunch, morning and afternoon tea provided.

Combine appliqué, paper piecing and colour theory with this strip-friendly project.
Carolyn will walk you through the techniques involved as well as how to create your own colour story with this bold and versatile project.

Thursday December 1st
6.30 pm - 9 pm

$60 per person
Refreshments provided

Come along to hear Carolyn's journey into the quilt world and discover more about her beautiful quilts.
"Carolyn’s aesthetic draws on elements of art, architecture, and the history of quilt making. Through practice, education, and frequent experimentation, she explores these influences and others for fresh ideas that will contribute to both the present and future of the craft. The result is a unique array of patterns and tools for today’s sewists."


Phone bookings only.
Places are limited.
Full payment must be made at time of booking.
Venues to be advised.
Amitie requires a full weeks notice on any cancellations for special workshops/events.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | @amitietexiltes | @amitierestash | #amitietextiles |


The team at Amitie

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Monday, May 23


Well, no. Not really! It’s more the truth about Amitie.

{The shop}

We never write on this blog. We want to but it’s always at the bottom of the very long to do list and it gets bumped. Bumped to the next day, next week (maybe even next year going by the last post… eeek!)

So why now? Why this post?
We keep hearing things on the quilty grapevine. Things we mostly laugh at amongst ourselves because they’re so silly. But, recently there’s been a few that have made me think that some of these rumours could be a little damaging to our little fabric store so I using this platform to set the record straight.

{Daisy Do - Pattern from Quilt Lovely by Jen Kingwell, templates available now}

Here are the three biggies answered straight from the horse’s mouth (neigh!)!

“I heard you’re closing?!”
Never been on the cards.
How this started I do not know. Maybe because the building we are housed in sold, which is the truth but the little rumour that followed is just gossip.
We will be moving again (sigh) and are currently looking for a new, amazing premise which has space for all the wonderful things we have planned. So, yeah… We are FAR from closing!

“I heard you weren’t getting any new fabric!”
NEGATIVE! We have so much fabric we can hardly fit it all. It’s piled up on every flat surface, and (like always) it’s GORGEOUS!! We are also making a really big effort to load all new fabrics onto our website!! (

“I heard Jenny and Lucy had a falling out.”
A. BIG. FAT. NEGATIVE. We are on good terms. Great terms! and, we always have been.
This one cuts a little deep. It feels personal and it could not be further from the truth.
There was never an argument, or an issue. I wanted to try something new, and I did which lead me to studying and in turn, lead me back here. My mum greeted me with open arms because that’s what family does and the rest is very drama-free history!

So, there is it.
3 big NEGATIVES on 3 big rumours. Makes you realise, you shouldn’t believe everything you hear.

Thanks for reading!
I will try and post on here more.... promise!!



Thursday, October 8

Jules McMahon is coming to teach

About Jules

Jules lives just outside Canberra, Australia on a wildlife reserve with her three spirited daughters and ever-patient Mr. She is the founder and inaugural President of Canberra Modern Quilt Guild (MQG) and is the Region 5 Representative on the MQG Board of Directors. Jules learnt to sew as a small child and has been a passionate sewist her whole life, quilting for the past 15 years, she has found her calling as an improvisational quilter, quilting teacher and pattern maker and is spreading her love of quilting using her own set of . You can find her on Instagram @procrasticraft and online at

I met Jules at Quiltcon in Feb then saw her quilt hanging at AQC earlier this year. I'm super excited to have her come to Victoria. 
Every picture tells a story and I know from these that I want to take the classes.


Improvised Log Cabins

Saturday Nov 28 10-4pm

Give your next quilt a fresh and modern feel by free-wheeling your way to one of the most recognisable quilt blocks. Explore placement, colour and design in this fun-filled day. With so many options to play with, Jules will take you through techniques, tips and twists to make your very own contemporary take on the traditional. Suitable for all levels.

No Rules, No Rulers

Sunday Nov 29 10-4pm

You will learn how to let go, get loose and love improv! Stitching with reckless abandon will allow you to embrace perfect imperfection, making a quilt like no other. We’ll set free and learn how to incorporate wonks and curves as well as make quick decisions and accept outcomes – there are no wrong answers! 

Cost $100 per day Includes morning tea and lunch

All the details can be found at  and click Class list 
Call the store on 03 95967225  to book your seat!! I know we are all going to have a great day (or two )

Wednesday, January 14


The ever so talented Sandra Boyle will be teaching the MOST amazing quilt here in February.

Her Peony Rose quilt is so stunning and you can get her expertise advise on making your own!

4 classes, running fortnightly.
Starting Thursday Feb 12th.
10.00 am - 12.30 pm.
$100 per person.

Places are limited to let us know if you would like to join Sandra for this class.
You can call us on (03) 9596 7225 to book.

Monday, December 15

Mystery BOM by Jen Kingwell

Do you like surprises? Or simply trust that everything Jen does is pretty freakin' spectacular?!

Well, then the Mystery BOM is for you!

This project is a mix of hand piecing, machine piecing and hand appliqué. Fabrics will be a mix of originals featured in Jen’s quilt and replacement fabric. It will be likeness for likeness (i.e. red check for red check) and we will do our best to make sure it all works as well as it does in Jen’s original quilt.

12 month program.
$40.00 per month for Australian customers. $45.00 AUD per month for international customers. This price includes fabrics for quilt top, pattern, postage and handling – all inclusive cost.


Sign up forms can be found HERE
Please return signed form via e-mail or post and we will get you started!


From the team at Amitie

Wednesday, September 3

So exciting

This week has been a really great one for me.

This great big box arrived from Moda full of my new fabric range "Gardenvale" I was holding my breath with anticipation. So surreal seeing my name on the selvedge 

Just a little tease. I will show you more as I cut into it ( singing along to Rod Stewart " the first cut is the deepest, baby I know"

Then my friend Tina told me my book was on Amazon available for pre order! Yippee 
Small typo....... There are 15 projects as the book suggests
So that is my news. I'm afraid next week might be a little disappointing, ah well I guess I can't have that much excitement every week. Don't think my heart could cope!