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Set Up

Lucy and I just got back to our hotel after setting up our stand. Talk about different to any other set up we've done. We arrived at the George R Brown Convention Centre with our suitcases stuffed with quilts and patterns. Lucy's sequin handbag stood out just a little !
There's limited OH&S. In Australia we're in closed toe shoes with orange safety vests for set up but here in the USA there's my little Luce with bare feet climbing up onto a plastic chair.

The quilts went up pretty quickly, and our pole scrunchies were just right. We'd placed bets on how long it'd take us. I bet 5 hours, and well, I was way off! It was pretty smooth sailing and everything came together quickly! Tonight we'll be having a quick meal and folding patterns! Jen 

Safe and Sound

Lucy and I have arrived in Houston, Texas. It took 3 flights, and about 30 hours from home to hotel. It's sunny and warm (about 30 degrees). We've given ourselves a day to settle in, and then it's set up tomorrow! Here's the view out our hotel room. Jen

Houston calling.

Lucy and I fly out to the states tomorrow. We've done a few Markets before but this one is quite different. I am exhibiting my patterns!!!
As many of you know, Lucy is the manager of all things computer related so these will be on hold until we're back on the 1st. This means e-mails (unless urgent) and internet orders will be taken care of once we're back. I hope this causes very little inconvenience. You can always call the shop on (03) 9596 7225 if you need answers or help!
I will be sourcing new stock as well when I am over there so stay tuned for whats to come!
 Happy stitching,

class projects

some projects from Trish's Saturday ladies

Guess what!


You can purchase it in store or online HERE (along with the new Liberty of London Bloomsbury fabrics).
I am so happy with how it's turned out. There was a real time crunch to have this printed by Houston Quilt Market, it isn't always easy juggling so many things but we got there! Thanks to all who encouraged me!
Stay tuned online, as I will be putting up all of my other patterns I am taking to Houston (the covers are just at the printers so once we have them they'll be available).

Finally found

A huge apology for my lack of posting but after the amazing Sue Spargo visit I misplaced my camera cords, and after giving up ever finding them, I was searching in the glove compartment of my car and guess what.....

 Sue is truly inspiring  and we all had a really enjoyable time

 some work that has passed through the shop doors recently

 and's here. Liberty Lifestyle. Luce will get it on the website in the next few days and we are cutting some for Stash club as we speak!!!