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The light reflecting on the wall carving

 Some detail of the marble

 all the women had to dress in the abaya before entry. I have been wondering what the ladies see through a full veil....the shot above gives you an idea.

 This is a rare shot of me. Richard just snapped but I am pleased to have a record of me in traditional dress

 don't mind this one as you can't tell who it is!

it truly is a lovely place to visit...and not one bit of commercialism anywhere!


This is the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque here in Abu Dhabi. Yesterday we went along on the walking tour and I have to say it is truly one of the most amazing places I have ever visited.

All pure white marble and gold which is coated in glass to protect it.

The domed ceiling of the entrance gate

Beautiful tiles

 Half of the internal courtyard with inlaid marble in amazing colours

 The entry lobby to the mosque

Flowers are very important culturally and are everywhere, believed to resemble heaven

There are two of these magnificent light fittings, one at each end of the main prayer hall

Half of the main prayer hall which will hold approx 20000

all calls to prayer for every mosque in Abu Dhabi come from here. I will pop more photos on tomorrow

I am a bad bad blogger

As you all know I am in Abu Dhabi in the UAE at the moment and time seems to slip by quickly and I am not sure what day it is as I really don't have to know!
I am so sorry Carolyn for missing my day of the blog tour.
I met Carolyn Forster in Houston last year and we realised she was doing one of my BOM programs. She has written a wonderful book about UTILITY QUILTING and I was lucky enough to receive a copy from the publisher before I came is truly great. I have been quilting with perle thread for 20 years or more and now it is the only way I quilt. Carolyn has written this book with wonderfully clear instructions, diagrams and photos and I will be most certainly using this book as a class reference when I teach my hand quilting class.The book covers all things you need to know from choosing designs, basting techniques tools of the trade and some projects also. Due to the problem of a suitcase full of fabric when I came over I don't have the book with me to show it …

the last few quilts

some very fine stipple

 as we hurtled home I tried to snap a quick photo of a mini " empire state" building without much success. There were two side by side and they looked oh so pretty
forgot this one!

more quilts

I loved both of these quilts, the machine detail on both was amazing but as you can tell the camel won.

I have taken a range of styles to give a good overview and will post more soon

a day out

Yesterday Richard had to go to Dubai on business and I thought mmmmm there is a quilt show on in Dubai, I think I will come along for a ride. The drive over was interesting.( we hired a driver for the day) as we hurtled down the highway at 150km/hr with cars whooshing by us!! I don't know if I will ever be brave enough to drive here, you need to be able to turn right from the far left lane and left from the far right lane but there seems to be a courtesy and understanding that I guess you need to become familiar with.

 An icon of Dubai
 First port of call for me was some lunch at a wonderful sushi bar "Sumo"
 This amazing bag shop was opposite the resturant...may need to revisit this. The colours were amazing.
This one is for you Lucy.

 Finally to the quilt show.

There was a great variety of quilts on display and I will post some more tomorrow.