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So we survived Christmas (more to come on this - forgot my camera cable so you'll have to wait another day or 2!) and after a lovely 4 day break it's back to the shop. We are open except for the public holidays so come in and see us if you need anything.
Jo came in to see us with her finished quilt. This one is subtle in colour and so spectacular.

And the back is almost as beautiful as the front.

Another gorgeous quilt walked in the door recently (to somebody who shall remain nameless as it's a gift and we cannot give it away). Very different to the last - bright and cheerful with big piecing. Incredibly beautiful!

This quilt presented an interesting question - how many quilters does it take to pick a binding?

In the end it came down to two choices, and finally it was decided that the grey would do the job. Now... what colour Perle?

It hasn't only been beautiful quilts walking in the door - we've been getting a lot of fabric deliveries with a lot more to come over the com…


Received the following e-mail from Jan who is one of my BOMers (Block of the Month participants).
"Have just finished sewing on the final border strip - slight changes to your original, however I am very, very happy with this quilt - thank you very much for your beautiful creation, I enjoyed making it and truly enjoy looking at it and when it is quilted I will enjoy sleeping under it - once again thanks."
I love doing my block of the month designs, and creating quilts and getting lovely feedback like this just makes my heart sing.
So thank you Jan - you made my day!

tough life

Fabric shopping can be hard work!

Sale starts today

In store only.

Rockin Robin Round 4

Border 4 by Judy Newman.
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