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fabric market

Lucy and I are here in Houston and the weather is a surprise with a cold breeze blowing. Today we had "schoolhouse". This is the day where we get to see new products, fabric ranges and patterns. Designers give small demonstrations and talks about their products and inspiration. I attended several but Lotta Jansdotta got me thinking when she asked the question "do you know exactly what your customers want" She went on to say ask "what is their favourite colour" . I realised I don't know, so the question to you is


You may give more than one answer because I  would not be able to restrict myself to one. I would love to know and let's see if the fabric shelves at amitie reflect your thoughts.

houston, we have a problem...

I am off to Quilt Market in Houston, Texas on Wednesday. I always love these trips away, seeing/meeting the people who inspire me to do what I do, friends I've met in this industry and familiar faces. This year we have a slight problem, I am taking Lucy on her first work related trip so look out Houston!
I am planning some hand piecing for the plane trip and nights spent in the hotel room.

Something fresh and fun!

a weekend away part 2

Some more photos from the weekend away.

Some lovely hand quilting in Perle 8 cotton.

Gayle matches her pins to her pin cushion, her pin cushion to her bag.

The lovely donkey Rae made Jen in Jodie's workshop.

Different work stations.

A quilt from Kaffe's latest book, by Jen R.

My My wasn't Jo busy ;).

And a sneak peak of something I was working on.

a weekend away

Last weekend was one of our Lancefield retreats. I love going to Lancefield - it's so nice to put your feet up, not have to work, do dishes, make the bed, worry about what's for dinner and on top of all that have a whole weekend dedicated to sewing.
It was such a productive weekend with so many projects coming together so quickly. Nic's elephant quilt was together in next to no time!

Mindy was working on a beautiful Fans quilt which went from this...

To this in record time.

Rae was working on my Broken Glass pattern.

Loving all the red in it! And Jen R was putting together a bright version of my Marianne pattern.

As the day rolls on and you get lost in your project and conversation, the lovely staff come and let you know that your meal is ready and the food is just heaven.

But of course this weekend was about sewing!
Helen was embellishing one of my favourite fabrics - the Megu Printed linen.

Of course with sewing weekends there's always a little show and tell.. and with show and…

18.50 per meter!

There's been a lot of discussion about Australian shops and their prices recently.We've been having this discussion here at Amitie for a very long time, trying our best to get a better price for our customer We know Australian based independent businesses are more expensive than online O.S business' but we also offer a lot more support and help with a sense of community, classes and just free help we offer every day in the store. We love our customers a lot here at Amitie and are trying our best to reward them as  they shop with us. We had $16.50 for ALL of August (and then some) and we know you all loved this so we've decided to keep our prices low.
$18.50 PER METER (excludes Liberty of London and linen)
Not only is that a fantastic price but we'll also work out exactly how much you need so instead of buying half a meter, you can make the most of our 20cm minimum cut... It's a lot more economical!
So come in and visit us and make the most of this special price!

warning - very proud aunty

Last week my Niece Michelle came to visit with her 4 children and partner Brett. It's always so lovely to have them stay and this time was no exception.
Ruby, Michelle's middle, came to visit the shop one night and thought she'd try her hand at quilting, and what a marvelous job she's done!

She planned this dolly quilt herself, and has finished it in record time!
Well done Miss Ruby. Aunty Jen is very, very proud.