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Sneak Peaks

Back in full swing and working hard on some new quilts. I love plains.

And a little teaser of my new Block of the Month... keep your eyes out for this one!

no more pretending

The lack of posts might have made some of you believe I was still in Denver... I guess I was happy pretending I was still away but no, I am back and in full swing. Life is busy here at Amitie but lucky for me I came home to the most beautiful surprise.

The lovely Louise had me for the Down Under Doll Quilt Swap 2 and I was so happy with what she made me.
I love my Football team, Collingwood - and I love my Collingwood Doll Quilt with the club song embroidered on it!

Thank you Louise.
And let's all remember.


Beautiful Denver Co

Some of the most stunning architecture and so varied

The botanical gardens are world renown and after a casual stroll around them I understand why.
This is Someday ( some day I will own a dog). He is a lovely gentle thing, loving and caring......

until there is thunder, then he becomes a home wrecker! We arrived home to find the computer upside down, the timber blinds broken and the curtains in both the living room and the kitchen torn to shreds. He did do a very neat job on these ones, both the lining and silk torn straight across. Last time it was the plantation shutters.( needs a job in window dressing). Just as well you are loved so much Someday!!


More about Jenny's travels soon but until then feast your eyes on these.

Check them all out at
or in store at 281 Centre Road, Bentleigh VIC 3204