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keeping a low profile

sorry for the absent  updates over the last few days but we have both been suffering from something we can only assume we caught from the camel kiss! or may be something we ate. We have been no further than the room and have seen the bathroom far too often if you get what I mean, but tonight we ventured out to the Central souk for a short visit. I hope you enjoy

could have easily taken this home with me

the spice market was amazing

this rug took 4 families 3 years to make. It is pure silk and has 600 knots per square inch. it is amazing
just a chocolate shop
the inside architecture
something else for my suitcase
a local fabric store

desert safari

we were picked up at the hotel and the first stop after a lengthy drive was at a camel farm, unfortunately there was little to no english spoken so we didn't get any info. This chap was very friendly...a little too so!
After the camel farm came the dune bashing, it was really good fun until
a flat tyre. what a job this was to change on a soft surface. The men dug out the tyre but as fast the hole filled

it gave us some time to discover on foot, but not too far as it was quite hot.
the cars travel in pairs and I now know why. Within 15 minutes our companion car got stuck. everyone out again and a long and difficult tow started. we all sat and watched the sun set which was spectacular.
we eventually got to camp for some dinner, belly dancing and some good aussie beer and Jacobs Creek wine                  after a lovely day we set off home..........only to have a second flat tyre on the highway but it was
                                                              such an enjoyable day!…

time to stitch

While Richard is at work I am getting some time to sew. It is such a lovely thing to sit with very little in my mind except the rhythm of the stitch. I know my girls back home will be taking very good care of everything so I am completely relaxed, although the news of the Japan disaster is disturbing. I have sent an email to our Japanese family but guess it will be difficult to get a reply, I just hope they are all safe.

a lengthy post about brunch

the weekend starts here on friday and brunch is a big thing  for both the locals and the expat community. this morning we went to the Fairmont hotel to partake. This is the grand mosque which I intend to visit later in the week. 

Just to give perspective about the size of the hotel....this is the hall
Floral arrangements at every turn

it's a dry country....this was beside my table and I can only assume it is all for me.
These are just some of the entrees

desserts went on forever...even the children were well catered for if you were looking for something healthy, these fruit kebebs might be the go

or you could dip them into the chocolate fountain
                                the drinks were lined up at the end of the day....even too much for me!!!!!

more out and about

this is the entrance to the park behind the hotel
I went to the gold souk but unfortunately was not allowed to photograph inside for security reasons. Talk about bling!!
market stalls at the souk next door,  this seemed to be an area for textiles as well
window display at one of the many fabric stores. It is hard to buy cotton here, lots of synthetics with sequins and jewels.I forgot to bring a piece of black but did manage to find some eventually so can continue with my project.
we had dinner at a traditional restaurant last night. we let the waiter select for us
and out came the good old arabic french fries!!!!! with tomato sauce
                                 the chairs were covered in the most amazing embroidered pieces