Thursday, February 25


What shall be 20% off and what shall be 50% off????? Don't forget our huge in store sale tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 23

sale day

This Friday Feb 26
9.30am -8pm

20-50% off store wide
excludes all Pfaff products
instore only

Wednesday, February 17

cheap steak night

My daughter is a poor uni student ( again) and knows all the bargain spots. She invited us to dine with her in StKilda.

Anything tastes great when you are looking at this view...and the steak was very nice also. We love StKilda and are so lucky to live so close but sometimes we don't always stop to smell the roses. Thanks for the heads up Meg.

Monday, February 15

through the door

Mr Liberty came bearing fabrics this afternoon. We are currently having a new website built and these will be available online very soon.

Friday, February 12


Jenny B came to class with everything so neatly arranged in snap lock bags.

So I took a peak in Gina's sewing bag........

then in my sewing cupboard. I need Jodi C who teaches organisational behaviour to visit me. How can you be creative and neat at the same time. Is it genetic or practice?

Friday, February 5

its been a tough day

How absolutely cute is this. He just fell sound asleep on the front step and then woke up with a smile. What a champ.

Monday, February 1

around the store

Michaela and her brother made these dolls after the class last week. They came to visit on Saturday and proudly bought them to show us.

We are in love with our " Pfaffs". Come in and have a sew.

Some gorgeous french products.

and Trish has made her version of the pickle dish in Kaffe's "Quilt Romance" book.